COMING SOON! 2017 Annual Fall Clean Up

Mackenzie Disposal will be providing the Annual Fall Clean Up during the week of:

October 23-27, 2017.

There is a 6 (six) bag maximum limit and clean out items must be bagged. Branches should be cut to 4 foot lengths and bundled in order to be accepted. The collection will take place on your normally scheduled pick up day beginning at 7:00 AM.

Items that WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED are: Appliances, motorized equipment, hazardous materials, (ammunition, paints, fuels, oils, etc.) furniture or tires.

Questions regarding these items for pick up may be directed to Mackenzie Disposal @ 259-3600.

In conjunction with the Fall Clean Up, the City of Columbus will be accepting materials at the Solid Waste Container Site at no charge to the customer and will have the site open for 2 (two) additional days during the clean up week. The site will be open Wednesday, Oct 25th; Thursday, Oct. 26th; Friday, Oct 27th; Saturday, Oct 28th and Sunday, Oct 29. The hours of the container site are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Normal rules apply as to what is accepted at the container site.

Questions regarding the Container Site may be directed to Dennis Holten @ 322-4424.







Stage II Fire Restrictions began @ 12:01am Thursday, September 7, 2017. Restrictions prohibit ANY open burning, including campfires, only allow smoking in areas clear of flammable materials, and restrict motor vehicles to designated roads and trails.

From 1pm – 1am, it is prohibited to use machinery with an internal combustion engine, like chainsaws, and activities that generate flames or flammable material are also prohibited. A patrol is required for one hour following work, to ensure a fire has not sparked.